Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Aussie Kidz Charity helps disabled and under-privileged children across Australia live better lives through the provision of equipment and services that they otherwise could not afford to buy.

Aussie Kidz is an innovative charity and distinguishes itself from other charities in three main ways:

  1. ​It is completely volunteer-based.

  2. It has very low operating costs – with these being predominantly met by the Directors.

  3. Its aim is to ensure 100% of funds raised go directly to support its clients – the kids.

Clients are referred to Aussie Kidz mostly from charitable organisations such as Choices, Passion, Life (formerly known as Cerebral Palsy League Queensland), Montrose and the Xavier Children’s support network.

Up until 2015, Aussie Kidz Charity has raised funds mainly via fundraising events. Our sponsors and partners help with our fundraising by donating goods and services which is greatly appreciated. We can now accept online donations here.

Our History

Aussie Kidz Charity was founded in 2000 by David Dahl and Ross Tisch. Both men were previously Directors of another children’s charity and were tired of seeing funds increasingly spent on overheads and not the children in need. They set up Aussie Kidz Charity with the desire to see 100% of funds raised go directly to the children to help them with their needs.

To date, Aussie Kidz has raised approximately $900,000 and has distributed these funds by way of 150 grants to kids in need. These funds have been used to purchase equipment and services for disabled and under-privileged children from all over Australia.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to help disabled and under-privileged kids live better lives by funding equipment or services that their families can’t afford.

Our organisation has the following values:

Integrity – We operate with professionalism and honesty in everything we do.

Accountability – We remain volunteer-based with 100% of funds raised going to support the kids. We are committed to running a lean and efficient charity.

Compassion – We have the utmost empathy and respect for our clients and their families and supporters.

We are a completely
registered charity