Aussie Kidz Charity (AKC) hosts several fundraising events throughout the year to help connect with the community and spread our love.


Friday, 6th September 2024


Attending our fundraising events

Join in the fun of our Annual Ladies Charity Lunch or the Alsace Polo Tournament. These are always enjoyable and a great way for you to support our fundraising.

Be a Grant Recipient


We fund equipment and services for disabled and under-privileged children under the age of 18 years. If you are looking for support for a family member or friend please complete a grant application for.

Grant Recipients


AKC have very kindly helped my daughter Pippa to receive her manual wheelchair. Thank you so much Aussie Kidz Charity…

Ben & William

“We are forever grateful to Aussie Kidz for their continued support with our three-year old twin boys. Through the generosity..


Annabelle is eight years old; she has a rare genetic mutation called STXBP1- encephalopathy, which is a serious neurological disease,…


Nazareth (Naz) is a bright, energetic 7 year old who has Cerebral Palsy. His diagnosis means he is physically impaired and unable to sit…


Lilian is aged 3 and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 which is a progressive muscular weakness and wasting condition…


Ariana is 4 years old and has Microcephaly which causes global development delay, vision impairment and low tone and feeding difficulties.


Friday 6th September 2024

Join us on the 6th September for a fantastic afternoon, raising funds to support disabled and disadvantaged children.  Save the date, more details to come soon.


Soko Rooftop Long Lunch

Soko Rooftop Long Lunch was a real standout! Soko takes in the stunning Brisbane skyline with a lush tropical jungle setting, blending Peruvian and Japanese vibes.

Twilight on the Tarmac

Sincere thanks goes out to all of our Corporate sponsors and supporters. With your generous support, Aussie Kidz Charity raised over $250,000.00 at this extraordinary event.


On behalf of Nazareth and our family, we would like to sincerely thank you for your kind support and contribution to helping Naz become all that he can be. It is organisations like yours that continue to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Martin Awatere & Leah Stretch, Parents of Nazareth Awatere

We are forever grateful to Aussie Kidz for their continued support with our three-year old twin boys. Through the generosity of this organisation and others like it, our boys were able to have SDR in America and have the equipment to support them upon returning home. More than anything, your assistance and support gave us hope. Hope that our boys could have the best possible treatment and hope that our boys could walk. Our boys will have more opportunities and will live a better life thanks to Aussie Kidz.

Sharon Rosuck, Mother of Ben and William Rosuck

On behalf of Lisa DeRooy and her son Jack DeRooy-Harris I would like to express their gratitude for the generous donation you gave them recently. Mum Lisa was in dire financial stress due to her own health problems and Jack’s 24 hour care. The only hope they felt was to move to Tasmania to be close to family and friends and the offer of a home at affordable rent. Your donation of $4,000 helped fund the shipping container full of all their belongings that arrived safely at its destination. Lisa was quite overwhelmed by Aussie Kidz generosity and expressed to me her sincere appreciation.

Cheryl, Xavier Children's Support Network

During the past 12 months, Aussie Kidz Charity has provided over $8500 worth of funding to children with disabilities who are clients of Cerebral Palsy League. This much-needed funding support helped our clients and their families purchase a Hi-lo Adjustable Bed with Pressure Care Mattress, which was essential to maintain the safety and well-being of our client. This funding also supported purchase of a Hi-lo Adjustable Activity Chair for another client, which provides the positioning support, flexibility and social skills development opportunities for our client, so he can interact with his siblings and peers at floor level while playing, and also participate actively as part of the family at the dining table to share a family meal together.

The huge impact of funding and support provided by charities such as Aussie Kidz with regular grant assessment rounds and offering state-wide, flexible funds for children in need cannot be overstated.

Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland

Our VALUABLE Supporters