She has a rare genetic mutation called STXBP1 - encephalopathy

Annabelle is eight years old. She has a rare genetic mutation called STXBP1- encephalopathy, which is a serious neurological disease, causing psychomotor developmental delay, low muscle tone and epilepsy. Annabelle’s epilepsy developed into Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, which is a severe form of epilepsy that presents with multiple different types of seizures and does not respond well with medication. Annabelle was first diagnosed with autism at 22 months. She could walk, climb and run, as well as learn day-to-day living experiences through therapy. However, at the age of four, she had a massive regression of cognitive, physical and everyday life skills such as self-feeding and her ability to walk independently.

The cost of the high-low chair was $7,540, and Aussies Kidz donated $4,000 towards the chair. The remainder was raised through family and friends.

The high-low chair has benefited Annabelle in many different ways, such as she can sit at the dinner table with the whole family, and we can also transport her from room to room and outside to our outdoor decking. Furthermore, if she is having a bad day with seizures, we can keep her safe and comfortable by lying her down in the chair as well as keeping her close to the rest of the family.

Katrina Paton – Mother